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Log Stack Cabinet

Award winning cabinet. Bespoke, hand-crafted fine furniture. 


Log Stack Cabinet

Awarded Bespoke guild mark no. 459

This piece highlights the often overlooked beauty of end-grain. Drawing inspiration from a traditional Chinese medicine cabinet it creates the illusion of a simple log stack by carefully arranged veneer interspersed by white resin fractures. On the drawer fronts, white resin fills fractures and the centre ring, which becomes the handle. The sides of the drawers are painted white, as well as the back, to give the illusion that the white is spilling out from the inside of the cabinet through the cracks on the front.

Materials: solid oak, oak veneer, resin

Dimensions: 140cm H / 75cm W / 30cm D

£14,000 (ex delivery / shipping)



This piece is available, please enquire about delivery.