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Commission a bespoke piece of furniture with Byron & Gómez


We believe that commissioning should be an exciting adventure, where you have the opportunity to be involved in the creation of a unique piece that you will cherish forever.  

Here is a guideline to our commissioning process: 





The commissioning process usually starts with a phone call: an informal chat about your needs, ideas, budget and timescale. But words can only take you so far so we would also encourage you to send us pictures of anything that will further our understanding of what you want, as well as photos of where the piece will sit in your home, as the character of the space can influence our design approach. 



Once we have a clear understanding of your brief, we would then explore the design possibilities, developing a range of ideas and options which we would share with you. At this point we often arrange a visit to see the space where the piece will sit and to discuss ideas in person.

Ultimately, one design is selected and refined, resulting in a final design proposal (normally in the form of an annotated watercolour drawing but sometimes including technical drawings or 3D computer models if we feel they are necessary). At this stage we also provide a fixed quote.

There would normally be no charge for the design process as we dedicate 10 hours of free design to proposals. However, if the design process becomes more lengthy than usual, or if a client wishes to make substantial changes at a late stage, there would then be a fee for the additional hours of work. Normally we reach a final design that meets or exceeds the client’s expectations before this becomes necessary but we would always let you know when we are approaching this point.

Once we have finalised the design, if you would like to proceed, we will request a 50% deposit to schedule your piece into the workshop. For projects over £4,000 we will request a further 25% payment halfway through the making process. The balance is payable before delivery.



Finally, the vision comes to life through the painstaking yet rewarding process of making. We welcome you  to visit our workshop to see your piece come to life and observe the process in detail. We are always sharing images of our work and our processes on social media so, if you can’t make it to the workshop, you will be able to see the progress of your piece through Instagram, Facebook or the creative feed page on our website.



We will deliver the finished piece personally to make sure it gets there safe and sound.