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Aphelion Console Table


Aphelion Console Table

In collaboration with BENCHMARK furniture for their collection. 

   An elegant and minimal piece, the Aphelion entrance table combines straight lines and gentle curves. A long and sturdy top projects over the legs with a chamfer detail making it appear light at the extremities. Below this, a delicate slatted shelf sits between legs that have been hand shaped to produce a radius on the outside corner that gradually tapers to a square foot. This piece is made from solid oak and available finished with a special white oil that retains the natural colour of the timber or ebonized using the traditional method of iron acetate which reacts with the tannin to produce a lustrous black finish with accentuated grain patterns.

Materials: available in ebonized oak or natural oak

Dimensions: 82.5cm H / 135cm W / 35cm D



This piece is made to order. Please enquire about lead time.