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A passion for craftsmanship is the driving force behind Byron & Gómez


We are a partnership of furniture designer-makers. We find inspiration through craft itself:  the processes and techniques of making and the results that can be achieved through combining traditional and modern. It is our intention that everything we make will long outlast us; achieving sustainability through longevity. Our work is contemporary in style, favouring clean lines and unadorned surfaces to create pieces that are bold yet understated.




Charles Byron

I grew up in the New Forest, England, and have always loved making things out of wood.  My childhood home was full of antiques - some of which are thought to have belonged to my ancestor the poet Lord Byron - and from an early age I was fascinated by the different styles and materials used. After taking a science degree, I studied traditional cabinet making at Williams and Cleal furniture school whereI learned the skills I needed to transform an idea into an exquisite finished piece you can see and touch.

María del Mar Gómez

I grew in Puerto Rico and was passionate about making and designing from a young age. An innate desire to understand how the objects that surround us are made led me to study architecture at the University of Puerto Rico. Upon graduating I travelled to England to learn the craft of furniture making at Williams & Cleal. It was here that I developed the necessary skills to make pieces of furniture that are held to the highest standards of craftsmanship.


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